Africa: Finance & Trading 2014


In the past 20 years, Africa’s oil reserves have more than doubled from 60 billion barrels to 130 billion. Gas discoveries are driving an unprecedented export boom, with 30 million tonnes per year of LNG projects under construction and another 100 million tonnes per year planned or proposed.

Thousands of unlicensed blocks promise untapped oil and gas resources if the political, and regulatory risks can be balanced against the cost of the capital investments needed to overcome the lack of infrastructure.

Africa: Finance & Trading 2014 takes a high-level look at opportunities across the continent. In-depth analysis and interviews review the national legal frameworks in four areas. In North Africa, independents and integrated firms are tackling a region of political and geological frontiers. In West and Central Africa, offshore plays – including pre-salt – demand companies with deep pockets and broad expertise. Natural gas is a hot commodity in East Africa and governments there are offering attractive terms. In Southern Africa, economic volatility is balanced by a regional propensity for high financial gains.

Building on The Oil & Gas Year’s reputation for producing detailed and insightful national guides, Africa: Finance & Trading 2014 is our first guide for investors and their financial backers seeking a comparative guide to Africa’s many plays.




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