The Oil & Gas Year Malaysia 2014


Malaysia is the second-largest producer of oil and natural gas in Southeast Asia, and the second largest exporter of LNG in the world, after Qatar.

To combat Malaysia’s freefalling production figures, national oil company, Petronas, launched ambitious investments in exploration, new recovery techniques and the development of marginal fields. Together, these efforts have halted decline and fostered hope for future growth.

Malaysia has begun to rely on gas imports to meet domestic demand and still fulfil its export obligations. Offshore opportunities, including floating LNG facilities, are being explored to increase production, while the country is also working to position itself as a regional centre for LNG transport.

The Oil & Gas Year Malaysia 2014 features interviews with dozens of energy leaders from across the value chain, including the exploration and production, oilfield services and maritime sectors. Punctuated with insightful maps and articles The Oil & Gas Year Malaysia 2014 is an indispensable guide to a new hydrocarbons powerhouse.



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