A word from one of our founders...

On our tenth anniversary, The Oil & Gas Year (TOGY) launched TOGYiN, an online intelligence and networking platform that combines the content depth of our renowned series of country reports with cutting edge database technology, GIS maps and VIP networking functionalities.

Progressively distributed since 2016 to an audience of leading oil and gas executives and public figures, we have now deployed this product on a global scale to help international oil and gas players gather information and data on their targeted markets, sectors and projects, as well as find business partners and make investment decisions.

Our platform is built on more than ten years of leading market research and fed by our teams of field reporters and analysts. It provides our members with curated facts, figures and executive views.

New content is uploaded and updated every few minutes, and the networking functions allow you to identify potential business partners and get in touch with them.

With TOGYiN, you get access to:

  • 30+ oil and gas markets and their interactive upstream-to-downstream GIS maps
  • 5,500+ people and project profiles
  • 4,000+ company and institution profiles
  • 2,500+ events and news

In any market, the winners are the best informed, and TOGYiN has already been a game changer for many organisations. Connect to our oil and gas intelligence and networking platform to make the best strategic decisions.

Looking forward to connect with you on TOGYiN. Yours sincerely,

Gilles Valentin
Managing Partner
5500+People & Projects
4000+Companies & Institutions
2500+Events & News

In any market, the winners are the best informed. Connect to our oil and gas intelligence and networking platform to make the best strategic decisions.

  • Want to know the plans and opinions of a CEO in Iran? We give you access to the business insights and profiles of 5,000 executives and government officials.
  • Thinking to enter the Nigerian market? Browse our 18,000 profile pages to gain a profound understanding of the players, projects and deals across the country’s entire hydrocarbons value chain.
  • Want information on Mexico’s latest upstream bid round? We give you access to interactive GIS maps covering thousands of fields, blocks and facilities.
  • Preparing a presentation on upstream opportunities in Indonesia? Download content for your slides.
“As an independent consultant I helped international oil companies analyse markets for geological risk and political and social risk. It is challenging for analysts who are trying to add colour to a developing market to find out about the people leading the institutions and companies that shape a play above ground. TOGYiN is very strong on the human side of the oil and gas industry. Its interviews and profiles are current and developing daily and provide a unique chance to build the network knowledge of the industry. Uncluttered and easy to use, with great maps and lots of other relevant factual material, TOGYiN will let an executive, a BDM or an analyst quickly build a story. For example, starting with a project they can quickly add the people and the companies they need to know about to make an investment decision."
David Finlayson
Chairman - Warren Business Consulting

Whether you are looking to build a business case to enter a new market, connect with potential clients or raise the profile of your business, TOGYiN is there for you.

At just €329 per month for a single user, this executive business intelligence portal will rapidly pay for itself as it builds the background for high-level decision making into your daily rhythm.

People, Companies, Projets, Maps, Events: Start networking with the global energy elite.