TOGYiN triple-member subscription


TOGYiN triple member subscription

TOGYiN is a peerless online business intelligence platform for decision makers throughout the entire oil and gas value chain.

Members can share in TOGY’s unprecedented access to the boardroom and can connect with more than 3,300 executives and government officials worldwide.

TOGYiN covers 30 of the world’s key energy markets and has more than 12,000 pages of articles, text and video interviews, profiles, news and maps, detailing the investment opportunities and new customers you are looking for.

The platform’s searchable database, which is growing day by day, and its interactive multilayer maps are the sharpest tools available to information-hungry business leaders.

All TOGYiN content can easily be shared and downloaded for presentations and for offline reference.

If you are a leader in the energy industry, your profile is already online. So subscribe to TOGYiN today and start reaping the benefits.


A three members subscription provides 3 individual logins and is billed monthly.

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