The Oil & Gas Year Bahrain 2011


Bahrain has a long-standing reputation as being a model for overall stability and durability in the Gulf region. However, recent unrest across the Middle East has caused instability in the economy and raised concern over the resilience of Bahrain’s financial institutions.

In recent years Bahrain has completely overhauled its oil and gas operations, and while the country’s economy may currently be feeling the effects of the turbulent political climate, its oil industry is heading towards a major revival.

Bahrain has set itself a tough goal of almost tripling current oil production by 2017. In 2010 alone Bahrain’s oil production increased by 24 percent, with production rates certain to grow further as the recovery programme continues. This also marks the first increase in production in almost four decades, and shows the potential of enhanced oil recovery applications on the Bahrain Field.

The Year’s Focus of The Oil & Gas Year Bahrain 2011 covers the country’s efforts to ensure the energy security of the country. Under the leadership of the National Oil and Gas Authority, the nation is redeveloping its single onshore field, exploring the offshore potential and introducing multiple initiatives to increase the country’s access to natural gas.

After three months of research in the field, The Oil & Gas Year Bahrain 2011 explores the opportunities, issues and challenges faced by the country’s oil and gas community. While offering an array of statistics and maps, as well as articles and interviews with some of the leading figures in the industry, the publication acts as the most complete guide to Bahrain’s energy industry.


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