The Oil & Gas Year Colombia 2014


The Oil & Gas Year Colombia 2014 report on Colombia’s market comes as Ecopetrol sets about drilling 4,500 wells in the next five-six years. Colombia has 2.4 billion barrels of oil but is set to deplete that reserve within a decade if its current exploration and enhanced recovery programme doesn’t yield dividends.

Armed insurrection is still beleaguers the Latin American oil producer. Pipeline attacks in 2013 reached a high of 259. President Juan Manuel Santos has been pursuing peace talks with FARC and attacks have been slowing in 2014.

TOGY books are packed with exclusive interviews this publication features the Minister of Mines and Energy Amylkar Acosta Medina, Ecopetrol president and CEO Javier G. Gutérrez Pemberthy and Pacific Rubiales Energy president José Francisco Arata. The Oil & Gas Year Colombia is an in depth investor resource on a nation at a critical moment in its history.




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