The Oil & Gas Year Colombia 2019


“We want to position Colombia as the main destination for investments in the energy sector in the entire region.”

Iván Duque, President of the Republic of Colombia. 

The Oil & Gas Year Colombia 2019 presents new initiatives of the Ministry of Energy and the National Hydrocarbons Agency to re-energise the investment panorama in the country’s energy industry, explore the benefits and costs of fracking, and therefore ensure Colombia’s energy independence and sustainability.  

“The current administration of the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) is carrying out a regulatory adjustment to allow medium-sized and small investors to enter the sector […] so they can efficiently operate discovered and undeveloped minor fields.” 

Luis Miguel Morelli, President of the National Hydrocarbons Agency. 

The book features dozens of interviews with key country leaders such as: 

  • Iván Duque, President of the Republic of Colombia
  • María Fernanda Suárez, Minister of Mines and Energy
  • Luis Miguel Morelli, President of the ANH
  • Charle Gamba, CEO of Canacol Energy
  • Marcela Vaca Torres, General Director of GeoPark in Colombia
  • Andrés Mantilla, President of Ecopetrol’s Colombian Petroleum Institute
  • Max Torres, CEO of Selva Energy and former executive of Ecopetrol

This latest edition of The Oil & Gas Year Colombia provides foresight to investors and companies looking at strategic growth opportunities in the country, at a time when the Duque administration has rolled out its first significant fiscal and energy reforms.  


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