The Oil & Gas Year Equatorial Guinea 2018


TOGY is pleased to present The Oil & Gas Year Equatorial Guinea 2018, published in partnership with the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons (MMH) and Centurion Law Group.

This sixth edition covers the lessons learned from the global oil price downturn and the opportunities that are becoming available due to recovering commodity prices. The book also provides readers with a complete perspective of the country’s main energy projects and steps the government is taking to draw in more foreign investment. Since gaining independence 50 years ago, Equatorial Guinea has quickly developed. Largely due to its hydrocarbons resources, the country has been able to modernise and make great socioeconomic strides. Strengthening relationships abroad and business opportunities for locals are priorities in the government’s agenda.

Despite the progress being made in the development of the country’s oil and gas industry, hydrocarbons production has significantly declined and several major projects announced prior to the oil price downturn have been shelved. However, the government has recently awarded new PSCs and fresh projects expected to bolster the domestic upstream sector are being planned. The MMH is working to create opportunities for local businesses in collaboration with the National Association of Local Hydrocarbons Sector Services Companies, known as NAHSCO. Other sectors, including telecommunications, are seeing movement under the Horizon 2020 diversification agenda.

The Oil & Gas Year Equatorial Guinea 2018 analyses the changing landscape of the domestic hydrocarbons industry. Key insiders interviewed for the book include Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima; Lisandro Abrego, deputy division chief of the African Department at the IMF; Oliver Quinn, director of exploration and Africa at Ophir Energy and Sonagas GE director-general Juan Antonio Ndong Ondo, as well as many other top players operating in Equatorial Guinea’s energy industry.

Extensive in-depth analysis is supported by a comprehensive block map, illustrations and graphs to create a market guide essential for players seeking to either expand their operations or enter the Equatoguinean market.


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