The Oil & Gas Year Tanzania 2014


With gas reserves of 1.43 tcm (50.5 tcf) as of August 2014, Tanzania is blessed with abundant natural resources. However, the country now faces the daunting task of exploiting these resources in the absence of the proper infrastructure and in a manner that benefits both investors and the average national citizen. China in particular has lent a hand in helping Tanzania to jumpstart its economy.

Major natural gas discoveries in rapid succession, such as a find estimated at 29.2 bcm (1.03 tcf) in the Kamba and Fulusi prospects in October 2014, have placed Tanzania’s hydrocarbons potential firmly in the spotlight of international investors. The country’s ability to herald a natural gas future will hinge on its capacity to develop the necessary infrastructure. However, Tanzania might still find itself at the mercy of unpredictable global LNG markets.

The Oil & Gas Year Tanzania 2014 features interviews with dozens of industry players including Minister of Energy and Minerals Sospeter Muhongo, Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation chairman of the board of directors Michael Mwanda and Tanzania Electric Supply Company managing director Felchesmi Mramba.

TOGY’s first book on this upcoming and market takes a special look at energy generation in a country where hydro-electric power could be supplemented with locally sourced gas – no easy task when infrastructure, power generation and gas production all need massive work.

Loaded with graphs, maps and analysis TOGY Tanzania 2014 is vital guide for any investor planning on opening this exciting new market.



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